Alfa Whittick

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Alfa Whittick

Founder & CEO

Alfa Whittick began his career at Jamintel in Jamaica, working on the technical side of telecommunications. He worked with people around the world to support the technology facilitating regional and international “News-share” television broadcast signals and phone calls between countries.  After migrating to the US, he worked for Nortel Networks, where he remotely managed and supported networks for various entities such as Universities, Hospitals, Fire departments, Banks, Stock Exchange, various municipalities, national chains, etc that may not have enough in-house staff to manage their networks or some who desired to out-source this responsibility. He worked his way up through the ranks as a managed Services engineer into management and technical leadership.  He also learned how to install security systems as well as internet services and networks on his own time.

Alfa knew that the corporate world was fickle: corporations could lay off thousands of people at the drop of a hat.  He wanted to create something long-lasting that could be passed on to the next generation. So he founded CABRA Technology Systems, using the wide range of skills from his telecommunications career to provide top-quality security systems and other technical services for small businesses and residences alike.

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