Other Technical Services

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In addition to designing and installing security systems, CABRA provides a number of other technical services. Here are some of the additional solutions we offer.

Flatscreen Installation

Need a flatscreen TV set up in a lobby, break room, or control room? CABRA can install and mount flat screen television screens anywhere needed on the premises.  

Our skilled technicians conduct a full assessment to ensure the installation creates an optimal viewing experience. We consider your needs carefully to choose the best setup, including fixed versus adjustable wall mounts, proximity to power outlets, ease of connection to external components such as speakers, and other factors.

Cable Management

Are your network cables a tangled mess? Are employees constantly tripping over wires from equipment? Do you spend 20 minutes tracing one line every time you need to unplug something during a troubleshooting process? 

CABRA’s expert technicians can organize and label cables for your equipment to make maintenance easier, reduce the risk of fall or injury, and present a more professional, organized look.

Residential & Commercial Inter-networking

Need to set up or expand a network? CABRA will work with you to ensure wired access points are placed as frequently as needed and your wireless signal will carry where needed. You won’t have to worry about discovering the wireless is weak in certain meeting rooms or at the edges of the building. 

Need Something You Don’t See Here? Contact Us

CABRA provides custom security system design and installation services. We can create a package for your unique situation. Contact us to learn how we can provide a solution for the security or technical challenge you’re facing. 

You can also learn more about our Custom Services here.