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Security System Design: More than Plugging in a Camera

CABRA’s detailed security system design process takes your business’ unique situation into account. Our team does far more than plug in cameras and leave. On each site visit, we conduct a careful assessment of your property to identify potential weaknesses and blind spots, making sure that your most important assets are safeguarded.

Technology is only as effective as its design. Your inventory or cashbox may have surveillance, but…

  • Does your existing security system have exposed components that thieves could damage or destroy to avoid detection?
  • Do cameras monitoring dark areas have sufficient levels of night vision to show more than silhouettes after dusk?
  • Are other important areas like your equipment room—or server room— protected?
  • Does foot traffic—who enters and leaves the property—need to be monitored?

CABRA considers these factors—and hundreds more—to create an optimal security system for your unique situation. Whether you own a restaurant, daycare, nursing home, funeral home, farm, or other establishment, we are here to keep your assets secure.

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Can Design Really Make that Much of a Difference?

Poorly designed security systems typically have weaknesses that thieves quickly learn to exploit.

Learn from Sandy Duncan, the owner of a fast-food franchise location. Several employees were consistently taking inventory when the manager wasn’t looking. Although cameras were installed in storage areas, they were not positioned to see the entrance or certain parts of the room. Employees learned how to exploit the system’s blind spots to steal whole bags of chicken for themselves.

CABRA’s expert system designs ensure full visibility and coverage to protect your assets and boost your bottom line.

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