CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems provide live and recorded footage of areas on your property or in your business that you want to monitor. When a company “hires” a security system, it hires another manager. This manager always knows exactly what happened, who did it, and when.

This manager is on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. It never complains about hours or asks for a raise. All it needs is electricity to resolve disputes, catch dishonest (and exemplary) employees, and keep an eye on the shop floor at all times.

Resolve Customer Disputes

Have you ever faced a disagreement between a customer and employee that no one else saw? CCTV camera systems provide an objective third party to resolve disputes.

Martin Gonzalez owned a local grocery store. One day a customer came in, made a small purchase with cash, and then left. A few minutes later, the customer returned, upset that the cashier had shortchanged him, giving him a $1 instead of a $10 in change for a $20 bill. But Martin had a high-resolution CCTV camera system that CABRA had installed that day. Martin checked the footage. The image was high-quality enough that it was easy to see exactly which bills the cashier had given the customer: he had pulled change from the correct $1, $5, and $5 slots of the drawer. After being shown the footage, the customer apologized and left without incident.

Catch Exemplary Employees in the Act

While CCTV surveillance systems can catch thieves in the act, they can also catch exceptional employees who go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

Nick Johnson ran a mechanic shop with a wide variety of tools and equipment. One specialized tool was extremely expensive, so the shop could only afford one. One day, the tool went missing. Nick reviewed the footage from the CCTV system CABRA had installed to find the last place it had been seen. An employee had taken the tool to his car and then driven away.

After investigating, Nick discovered that the employee had taken the tool to provide roadside assistance to a long-time, loyal customer. The employee had simply forgotten the tool in his car. The camera system helped Nick find the tool and also see that the employee had made the right decision at the time.

Be Everywhere at Once 

Does your work require coordinating with people across many rooms or buildings? CCTV camera systems let you keep an eye on everything from a distance; drastically reducing the amount of walking, driving, or other forms of travel you have to do each day.

Alan Freeman owned a mechanic shop with multiple lifts, storage rooms, and offices. He had to walk around the building constantly to check on employees, customers, deliveries, and other moving parts of the business. Alan was always exhausted at the end of the day. Even worse, the extra walking took so much time away from his own work that he often still had to stay late to complete it. Installing CABRA’s CCTV system let him keep an eye on the whole shop from the comfort of his office, only walking to specific areas when he was needed. He was able to complete all his work during the day, freeing up more time to spend with his wife and children. 

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