Access Control Systems

Keeping Funeral Homes Secure

Easier & Lower-Cost Replacement

Keys are expensive to replace. One lost key alone can cost over $150. If the key opens something important—the safe, register, server room, etc—you may also have to change the locks, incurring additional expenses.

CABRA’s Access control systems enable employees to use individual entry codes or keycards to enter buildings and rooms. If a keycard is lost, it is quick and inexpensive to replace. Additionally, the card can be deactivated in a matter of seconds, removing the need for changing locks.

Greater Convenience

Tired of carrying a fifty-pound keyring? Want to stop wasting time picking through a dozen keys before you find the right one? Access control systems let you customize which levels of access each user can have. Let the owner’s code open every room, a manager’s code open offices and back rooms, and employees’ codes allow entry to areas relevant to their roles.

Better Accountability & Tracing

Access Control Systems allow you to see exactly who entered specific rooms and when. Individual codes and swipe badges act as fingerprints, unique identifiers for the person using them.  If an important item or tool goes missing, whether due to theft or absentminded misplacement, you can identify who accessed the room prior to the disappearance in order to begin tracking it down.

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