Securing Top Customer Service


When you install a well-designed security system, it’s like hiring an extra manager. This manager watches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never taking lunch breaks or vacation days. This can help you tremendously when ensuring quality customer service, providing employee training, and identifying promotion-worthy (or trustworthy) talent.

Ensure the Highest-Quality Customer Service

Employees may roll out the red carpet for customers when their supervisor is watching, but what happens when the boss steps away? They may treat customers rudely, curtly, or cut corners rather than giving their best effort. As Forbes reported loyal customers are 5 times more likely to make repeat purchases and 4 times more likely to refer others. It is exponentially more expensive to acquire new customers than to generate additional business from existing customers. That’s why it is critical to provide a good experience at every touchpoint where customers interact with the business. One impolite employee can not only cost you one customer’s future purchases but also cost you the purchases of colleagues that the customer would have referred. A security system can protect your quality of customer service as well as your assets. Cameras keep honest people honest, and let the others show themselves. When they know they are being watched (even if a supervisor isn’t physically present), they are more likely to treat customers well and drive repeat business for your company.

Provide Real-Life Case Studies for Employee Training

Most companies have a set of core values they expect employees to abide by—values that should be reflected in every customer interaction. But just providing a list of principles can make it difficult for employees to apply them. Seeing relevant examples of desired employee conduct help ensure employees understand expectations. Security systems can provide real-life examples of employees going above and beyond. Imagine the following scenario: a mother and young child enter a store. The child knocks over a bottle of milk. The mother is understandably embarrassed. An employee stocking the shelves nearby reassures them not to worry about it, quickly cleaning up the spill and offering the child a lolly pop. The mother continues her shopping, pays for the damaged item as well as her groceries and carries on her way. Do you think that customer will return after such a positive experience? Of course! In fact, she will be more likely to choose your store over others. CCTV systems capture moments like this on tape so you can show new employees examples of what “above and beyond” looks like, to ensure everyone understands how to create the best experience possible for your customers.

Find Out Who Really Keeps Things Running When You’re Gone

If you’re running your business well, you probably look to promote the most efficient, hardworking, trustworthy employees once they’ve proven themselves. But you may find that people aren’t what they seem. An employee giving things 100% when the boss is around may cut corners or slack off when no one is looking. Camera systems let you see who really keeps things running when you step away, empowering you to promote and reward the most hardworking, dedicated employees rather than ones who are only going through the motions to avoid a supervisor’s reprimand.

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