Securing Peace of Mind

Be Anywhere and Everywhere: Respond Only When Needed

Security systems let you monitor what’s important no matter where you are. With remote access capabilities, you can keep an eye on employees—and important areas—whether you’re across town or across the world; whether you’re in a meeting or enjoying the beaches of Madagascar.

Intervening at the Right Time: A Farmer’s Story

Gerald Veiss was a farmer with a lucrative but inconvenient problem. One mare was carrying the foal of a prizewinning Kentucky Derby champion racehorse. The foal had already been sold for several hundred thousand dollars. The mare was a month away from delivery, meaning that the foal could come at any time. Gerald’s poor wife had to get up every two hours, day or night, and drive out to the stables to check on the horse. CABRA set up a microwave antennae CCTV system that allowed the farmer and his wife to see the mare at any time without having to leave the house. They were able to see the moment the mare began preparing to deliver the foal and drive out to assist exactly when they were needed.

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Securing Peace Of Mind