Securing More Sales

Securing More Sales

Security systems can boost profits significantly for small businesses by serving as quality assurance for employee performance, particularly in sales interactions.

The Secret Sauce: How McDonald’s Increased Sales by Over 30%

After conducting a study, McDonald’s made an impressive discovery: 37% of patrons would buy an extra item just because they were asked. When an employee asked “Would you like an appetizer?” or “Would you like an apple pie with that?” at the window, more than one out of three patrons would add something to their original order.

How Cameras Are Key

A camera system can ensure that employees are making the ask of 100% of customers, at the register as well as the drive-through window. Imagine that 300 people come through a location in a typical day. You may find that, when unmonitored, employees only ask 50 customers if they want an extra item, resulting in 18 additional purchases. But if employees ask all 300 customers, it would result in over 100 additional purchases: enough revenue to pay the wages of the employee over again— and then some.

CCTV systems provide live and recorded video and audio footage. You can know with certainty whether employees are following protocol in every customer interaction or if they’re only upselling when the manager is watching.

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Securing More Sales
Securing More Sales