Keeping Restaurants Secure

Over 75% of company failures occur because of employee theft. CCTV and Access Control systems help keep honest people honest and let dishonest people show themselves. Read on to learn how Cabra’s technology can help your restaurant lower costs and increase profits.

Ensure Inventory Stretches as Far as Expected

Sandra Peterson owned a two-location restaurant serving food and custom drinks. She found that the barkeepers had discovered a way to get a higher tip: by giving customers larger portion sizes. They also tended to give larger portions or free sides to friends who stopped in for lunch. But it was adding up to significant losses for the business over time. Because of the barkeepers’ generosity, a bottle expected to last 10 servings was only lasting for 7 or 8 servings.

CCTV camera systems act like an extra manager, always keeping an eye on employees to ensure they are serving the correct portion sizes.

Prevent Internal and External Theft

Jonathan Earlman had a convenience store with good foot traffic and revenue but couldn’t seem to make a profit. He thought the source of the problem was customer shoplifting. However, while conducting an assessment of the site, Cabra discovered that the area behind the store was littered with cigarette butts. This unmonitored area was where employees tended to take smoke breaks.  Cabra determined that the leak was coming from the inside, not from customers: employees were taking packs of cigarettes from the company stock rather than buying them. Adding cameras outside to prevent blind spots discouraged employees from taking inventory and helped Jonathan get his store out of the red.

Even if your employees are trustworthy, third parties can be a source of losses. Delivery drivers may help themselves to inventory after it has been signed for and no one is watching, taking a can, bottle, or package for themselves while moving crates. After installing CCTV systems in his dock, Jonathan was able to identify perpetrators and request appropriate reimbursement from the supplier.