Keeping Daycares Secure

Wondering how Cabra can help your daycare business? Here are some examples of how our systems help clients increase profits, provide better service, and protect themselves from litigation.

Create Additional Revenue Streams

Would you like an additional revenue stream for your business? Our CCTV systems can provide exactly that. Parents, especially first-time parents, worry about their children while they are away at daycare. For a monthly fee, you can offer parents the ability to check on their child at any time to see how they are doing. Our systems allow you to choose which cameras parents can access during the day and create individual logins to ensure only the right people have access.

Reassure Parents Staff Are at Their Best 24/7

Cameras keep honest people honest. Staff are more likely to stay at their best at all times knowing that they can be seen at any time, whether the manager is looking or not.

Our camera systems can also help you know whether staff members are implementing training correctly. You can review whether infants are being placed in their cribs correctly, whether staff members are checking on children regularly, and caring for children’s emotional and physical needs lovingly and compassionately.

Protect Yourself from Legal Action and Accusations

CCTV systems serve as a 24/7 objective witness. Even when a staff member or manager’s back is turned, cameras see everything. They can help you avoid or quickly clear up any accusations of mismanagement or wrongdoing.

Sonny McClean ran a church daycare for preschool children. One mother discovered that her four year-old son, Andy, was coming home with bruises on his arms. Naturally, she was furious, and the police were called to investigate. However, the CCTV footage showed that no staff members had harmed Andy. Ultimately, it was discovered that the bruises were caused by a visitor in the parent’s home. Without the security system to clear Sonny’s daycare of wrongdoing, the accusation could have led to a long, messy, “our-word-against-theirs” investigation that scared other clients away.

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